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Wagons & Carriages

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We have the largest selection of commercial carriages, wagons and horse drawn equipment available for hire in Western Australia.

Whether it is a classic Landau for an elegant wedding, a heritage Lorry for a historical parade, or a comfortable wagon for rides, we have something to suit every event.

All of our carriages, wagons and farm implements are also available for photo shoots, film and T.V. Static hire is also available to tie in with themed events and can help bring your party or celebration to life.

As part of our aim of  

'Preserving the Traditions of Horse That Built Australia', we also have a passion for preserving and restoring the horse drawn vehicles that are a part of Australia's history. We are often working on restoring heritage vehicles and machinery to add to the collection  of horse drawn vehicles that are available for hire.



Covered Wagon

Covered Wagon 1.jpg


Our covered wagon has given thousands of wagon rides at events throughout Western Australia. It is a very popular choice for Agricultural shows, festivals, field days and community events. It is also a good choice for rustic weddings,  large family celebrations, corporate tours or parades. 

A large wagon, with seating for between twelve to fifteen people, the wagon has a cover which provides protection from inclement weather. The low steps at the rear of the wagon make it easily accessible and safe for people of all ages.

Signage can be placed on the  wagon to support the event or a sponsor or in the case of private events can be decorated to suit your theme or style of event.


Brewery Lorry

Lorry in York.jpg


Our magnificent Brewery Lorry is linked to the history of Australia's most iconic brewery, Carlton United  Breweries (CUB).

The lorry originally belonged to the Abbotsford Co-operative Brewery where it was used to deliver beer to establishments near Abbotsford, Melbourne in the late 1800's. Abbotsford was bought out by Carlton United Breweries in 1924, where the lorry was still in use until being replaced by more modern methods of transport. The lorry was sadly declining under a tree on a farm in Victoria, where it was discovered and brought to WA.

Fortunately, the body of the lorry was in salvageable condition, so after replacement wheels, floor boards and some cosmetic work, the lorry was fully restored.


The Lorry is one of very few in this condition  in Australia, and is the only working one of its kind in Western Australia. An impressive site when pulled by a pair of mighty Clydesdales, the lorry is our most popular vehicle for parades and corporate functions. It also brings a special touch to rural or rustic themed weddings and events.


Landau Wedding Carriage



Classically styled and elegant, our black Landau is a breathtaking carriage. A Landau carriage is the traditional choice of wedding transport for Royalty throughout history. We are proud to present our beautiful Landau so that you too can feel like Royalty on your special day.

The Landau is also popular for school balls, celebrations, romantic tours, proposals or formal functions. It is an open topped carriage, which provides a fantastic view as you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. A low step and wide doors provide easy access for full, delicate wedding dresses and those passengers in high heels.

Seating up to six passengers in the cab section, with the added benefit of a fold up hood, the Landau is the perfect choice in case rain should appear during your celebration.

The Landau provides an absolutely stunning way to arrive at your ceremony and makes for timelessly classic photos which you will look back on and cherish for years to come.


Tip Dray



Our historic Tip Dray originates from Oakside Clydesdale Stud in Hahndorf, South Australia. Built in the very early 1900's, the Tip Dray was the 'work ute' of the time, being used primarily to move soils, rocks, hay, manure and other materials. The Dray has a unique mechanism that allows the top to tip backwards, therefore tipping the load out the rear of the dray. 

A Tip Dray was a valuable and indispensable piece of horse drawn farm equipment in the days before tractors took it's place. Today, our Tip Dray is used at demonstrations, displays and shows. It is a rare horse drawn vehicle as very few are in existence today that are still in working order. You are more likely see Tip Drays as relics of a previous era rotting away on rural properties, hence we are very proud to be able to preserve the history and heritage of this Dray.


Furphy Water Cart

Furphy Water Cart.JPG

Embedded in the History of Australia is the term "a Furphy", which is Australian slang for a lie, improbable story or a stretch of the truth, which are widely believed by many until discounted or proven wrong.

The term is said to have been derived  from the water carts made by John Furphy & Sons of Shepparton, Victoria which were used to transport water to the Australian Army during World War 1, in both Australia and overseas. The Furphy water carts were popular meeting places, where rumours, stories and tales were told, hence the name Furphy came to be the colloquial Australian term that we use today.

The Furphy Water Cart was also used on farms and in rural areas  since the early 1880's.

As part of our aim of  'Preserving the Traditions of the Horse That Built Australia', we are delighted to have in our stable a fully restored Furphy Water Cart. Is has been beautifully restored and we are proud to present it at demonstrations, displays and shows, as acknowledgement of part of Australia's history.


Farm Machinery

Valmont Jaques - royal show 2015 - Farm Equipment.JPG


 From various ploughs, to scarifiers and harrows, horse drawn mowers, farm wagons and drays we have a selection of horse powered farm equipment available to hire.

Some of this machinery is in working order and can be used in demonstrations and field days, powered by our mighty Clydesdales.  Whilst others are suitable for static hire  and displays, which can help set the theme and create an eye catching display at events and functions.

If you are interested in our farm machinery, then please get in contact to discuss your requirements



Barouche Carriage and White Glass Coach


Together with our sister company, Perth Horse & Carriage, we are pleased to be able to offer two stunning white carriages, which can be powered by a pair of magnificent Clydesdales or a pair of pretty Percherons. Available for weddings, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, balls and functions, being transported in one of these carriages is a truly memorable and special treat as a part of your celebration.


Barouche Carriage

Open Barouche Carriage.JPG


Be seen in this elegant carriage, the summer carriage of choice for aristocracy the world over, both in our past and in our present. Seating up to eight passengers and drawn by a pair of fine carriage horses, a driver and assistant are dressed in top hat and tails, the entire presentation is immaculately turned out for your special day.



 White Glass Coach

White Glass Coach.JPG

A stunning vehicle finished in white and trimmed in gold, this fully enclosed coach can be used in all but the very worst of weather at any time of the year. The interior is trimmed in rich burgundy and gold tapestry’s and seats up to six passengers. A further two passengers have seating on a rear external seat and the coach is attended by a driver and assistant both dressed in elegant matching top hat and tails. The entire ensemble is presented to the highest standard.  



Funeral Hearse 


 Perth Horse and Carriage and Colonial Clydesdales and Carriages are proud to partner together to present Western Australia’s only operational horse drawn hearse. Available with either a pair of Clydesdales or Percherons, the formal grand hearse provides a respectful way to say goodbye to your loved ones. Please see our funeral section on our website for further details on our funeral services.

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