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Together with our sister company, Perth Horse and Carriage, we are delighted to be able to present Western Australia’s only operational horse drawn hearse.


In the early part of last Century, a funeral was indeed a very grand event marked by the magnificent spectacle of an elegant horse drawn hearse.

In 1918 this historic tradition was fazed out as motorised transport became available. In the new century, Western Australia was again graced by the elegance of a bygone era, with the introduction of a hand built hearse carriage for the Western Australian public.

With great consideration made to the combination of old world tradition by using century old timber and modern convenience with electrical lighting and hydraulic braking systems, this stately vehicle has continued to help families through those difficult times with the continuation of this grand tradition.

A formal Black Landau carriage can also be added as the ‘first cortège’ vehicle, behind the hearse, seating up to six passengers in the all-weather cab and a further two on a rear external seat, this may be the perfect compliment to those who want a complete and traditional experience.

The horse drawn hearse service can be powered by a pair of mighty Clydesdales or the elegant Percherons. The hearse is available at most suitable venues and enquiries can be made by contacting Perth Horse and Carriage


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